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Quiet walks to various places - Davis Square Ramblers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Quiet walks to various places [Sep. 12th, 2006|12:57 pm]
Davis Square Ramblers


Here are some walking routes I like, leading from Davis Square to various places. All of them take quiet, low-traffic streets as much as possible:

Davis to Harvard (1): Orchard Street, Davenport Street, Elm Street, Mossland Street, Oxford Street, Harvard Yard

Davis to Harvard (2): Dover Street, Hollis Street, Yerxa Road*, Pemberton Street, Sherman Street, Garden Street, Cambridge Common

Davis to Fresh Pond: Dover Street, Hollis Street, Yerxa Road*, Pemberton Street, Sherman Street, enter Danehy Park, walk all the way through the park to the other exit, left on New Street to Concord Avenue, cross Concord Avenue at signalized crosswalk, leading to path around the pond

Davis to Winter Hill (where my synagogue is): Community Path to end at Cedar Street, Alpine Street, Princeton Street, Lowell Street Bridge, Vernon Street, Central Street

Davis to Union Square: Summer Street is quiet and pretty, though hilly.

Davis to St. Paul's Cemetery in East Arlington: Seven Hills Park to Linear Park (bike path) to Mass. Ave., go three blocks on Mass. Ave., right on Clarendon, left on path through the middle of a senior-citizen apartment complex, right on Churchill Avenue, left on Matignon Road, walk through the Matignon High School grounds to an open gate at the corner of Hooker and Endicott, take Hooker to Woodstock to a signalized crosswalk across Route 16, continue across the small bridge over Alewife Brook to the cemetery entrance. The cemetery is beautiful and generally unappreciated.

* When the Yerxa Road pedestrian underpass reopens, hopefully sometime this year, some of these routes can be changed, to go down Raymond Street or through the Walden Square apartment complex.